Now - I have never been a competitive girl when it comes to sports.  I was always the "GREAT JOB passing me on that hill!  WOO HOO!" girl.  Really.  No cynicism.  My skills on the bike are fair to middling at best and I know it. But then...I found STRAVA.  I started uploading my rides (see my past blog post to note that I once went 6 months before I checked my Garmin) and all of a sudden started getting little medals.  And a little trophy for 7th place.  I blogged about that.  And I was SO proud.  What you didn't know dear readers is that I also achieved one QOM status.  University to PCH.  Which is basically my house to Bike Religion.  Probably late for a group ride hauling ass.  When awarded this QOM I wasn't acutally sure I had earned it.  Maybe I had DRIVEN my bike to the shop and forgot to turn off my garmin?  But no...there I was.  I was 1st and 3rd no less.

I kept it a secret.  Besides, no one follows me on STRAVA so it was my own private joy.  Until tonight:  Uh oh! Rachel Kerber just stole your QOM!

Hey Lisa,

You just lost your QOM on University to PCH to Rachel Kerber by 2 minutes 19 seconds.

Now get out there, have fun and be safe.

-Your friends at Strava

She beat me.  By about 10%.  That B**** is going down.  Stay tuned.