custom kit frustrations...

Well the store construction is almost done and I am deep in the heart of ordering opening inventory.  In case you didn't know, I am committed to serving all segments of women roadies - and that means the plus market (Athena pride!) as well.  I have sought out those lines that carry plus sizes and even convinced one company to make them for me. Now I am moving on to getting the shop kits made.  I have found three great companies that custom kits in "plus" sizes, but I keep running into the same problems: Jerseys go up in size but shorts don't and the sizing in these kits are definitively "euro".  This means that even though they size up to 5XL in women's - in reality this is somewhere between a 1X and 2X.  What 1X women wants to wear a jersey that says 5X on it, even if it fits perfectly?  This is so frustrating.  While I am delighted I can find some that size in the range I am looking for, this leaves my 3X Athenas out in the cold.

I haven't given up!  I am still looking but the choices are getting slim.

On a personal note - my training has gone to s***t in the wake of opening this store - aside from my first and very successful trip up GMR with the clydes/athena forum group.  Never has a group ride been so much pleasure for me.  Encouraging and supportive with "my kind" of people, I never felt more accepted and comfortable on the bike as I did that day.  And it showed in my riding.  I felt like I floated up that mountain.  SO -  I have re-committed to 6 days a week riding and rode 30 miles on Sunday, took Monday off (well, it was recovery day after all lol) and will ride tomorrow.  I got into this game because I ADORE the sport.  I can't forget how to do it!  I figure if I get 4 of those 6 in, that's better than nothing.  Now if I could only figure out how to get STRAVA to record all the painting I have been doing.