did you know there is a National Women's Bicycling Summit?!

Doesn't that sound amazing?  And better yet - it's true!  It's happening right up the road from me in Long Beach on September 13th. While researching things for the store I came across this and figured it was right up my alley.  Focusing on putting more women on bikes, addressing things women care about like family biking, getting more women involved in the sport, social/political awareness for women's cycling just to name a few.  The speakers at the event are leaders in our community (including - but not limited to pro-cyclist and olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch - one of my heroes.  I often see Dotsie riding in my hood.  She blows by me like I am standing still lol).

So - I will be there - and if you are a woman cyclist, and care about our community, I highly recommend you attending as well.  Here is the link to their page

A little update on the shop....carpet is being installed today and construction continues.  It's finally starting to look like a place I would like to go to.  I am working on some exciting lines for you ladies but some that are on board already....Terry....Sheila Moon...Giordana...Twin Six...Gore...SheBeest (for the spring!)...Canari...Road Holland and many more!  I am carrying all sizes xs-3X as available and want to make all women cyclists of all sizes and abilities excel in the sport.

The Unlikely Cyclist is set to open the first weekend in October in Costa Mesa, CA.